The unique qualities of Little Shemogue Oysters

  • Little Shemogue Oyster Company [logo]Plump with firm meat
  • Liquor has medium-high salt content
  • Rich in minerals
  • Infused with the fresh taste of our pristine bay
  • Delivering a clean, sweet finish
  • Excellent shelf-life

Ideal growing conditions

Cool rivers form a pristine bay with a rich combination of salinity and minerals. From our 25-acre lease in Little Shemogue Bay, New Brunswick, we produce as fine an oyster as found anywhere in the world.

A variety of types

In addition to raising our own oysters in Little Shemogue, we proudly offer oysters harvested by local growers.

A variety of grades

We use both bottom-culture and suspension techniques. Bottom culture oysters grow in a variety of sizes and shapes. The suspension method yields a “cocktail” oyster prized for its delicate size and deep cup.

Little Shemogue Oyster, Fin de la baie (End of the Bay), Fire River Oysters, Peacock Cove Premium Oysters

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