Little Shemogue Oyster Company

The Origin of Our Name

The name "Little Shemogue Oyster Company" is a tribute
to the picturesque Little Shemogue Bay, where our oyster farming journey began.
What started as a hobby for Wayne Williams and his brother in the 1990s
transformed into a full-fledged venture. In 2015, the Williams family decided
to combine their efforts and officially established the Little Shemogue Oyster

A Family Legacy

Little Shemogue Oyster Company, affectionately known as "Little Shem," is a cherished three-generation family business specializing in oyster farming, processing, and sales. Founded by Wayne Williams' father, our company is now proudly owned by Wayne and his wife, Mary,
along with their two sons, Kevin and Ryan. Our oysters thrive in the pristine waters of Cocagne and Little Shemogue. 

Today, we take pride in our role as a third-generation
business. Wayne's 88-year-old father actively participated in the early stages
of our journey. Presently, Wayne, his brother, and their two sons work harmoniously to manage the company and ensure its continued success.

Oyster Cultivation

At Little Shemogue Oyster, we combine bottom-culture and
suspension techniques to cultivate our oysters, resulting in diverse sizes and
shapes. This meticulous approach ensures that our customers enjoy only the
finest oysters available. Leveraging our extensive processing and shipping
expertise, Little Shemogue Oyster Company has successfully introduced its
signature products to markets across North America. Established in 2006, we
have continuously modernized our operations while preserving the unique
attributes that make Little Shemogue products exceptional: the crisp Canadian
ocean waters and the convergence of five small rivers that create a bay rich in
salinity and minerals. 

We meticulously sort and distribute tens of thousands of
oysters weekly to discerning Boston and New York City customers. Through
word-of-mouth recommendations and strategic social media campaigns, we also
delight in delivering hundreds of premium oysters weekly to new customers in
Moncton, Shediac, and Sackville. Additionally, our "Shore to Door"
service offers a convenient business-to-business delivery option, allowing fine
restaurants across New Brunswick to savor our exceptional oysters and local

Diverse Offerings

We have expanded our product range to include various
fish and seafood options to serve our discerning customers better. We also
collaborate with local livestock farmers to offer fresh, locally sourced meat

A Commitment to Quality

Little Shemogue Oyster Company takes immense pride in being a leading oyster farmer and supplier of premium cold-water oysters. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our operations, which are based in the unspoiled waters of Little Shemogue Bay. This pristine location allows us to
deliver top-tier products to our valued customers. 

Our oysters are cultivated in bags in the cold bay
waters. They undergo regular flipping and sorting, a labor-intensive process
that ensures their health and sustained growth. This level of dedication
underscores our unwavering commitment to quality. 

Prior to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic,
we consistently sold 1 to 1.5 million oysters annually.